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Free Roger Ver

I am seeking your support to sponsor Roger Ver’s attendance at the upcoming “Enemies of the State” DC Bash, an event celebrating courageous individuals who have sacrificed their liberty to expose truths hidden by those in power. For the 12 years I’ve known Roger, he has been a fearless advocate for liberty and a vocal critic of tyranny. He has tirelessly promoted peer-to-peer digital cash as a revolutionary tool to uplift everyone and counter the oppressive dominance of central banks. A decade ago, fed up with endless wars, a pervasive police state, and excessive taxation, Roger made the bold decision to renounce his U.S. citizenship and paid a substantial exit tax. In early April, he published his groundbreaking book “Hijacking Bitcoin,” which exposes how Bitcoin, once envisioned as a transformative peer-to-peer cash system to facilitate global trade, has been co-opted into a slow, expensive asset class that favors the elite. Mere weeks after publishing this explosive book, Roger was arrested in Spain on alleged charges of a $50 million tax fraud in the US. The US government is now aggressively seeking his extradition. As a result, Roger is being silenced, unable to speak about his new book while his enemies seek to discredit him. By sponsoring The Enemies of the State DC bash at one of the largest libertarian gatherings in the world (The 2024 Libertarian National Convention in Washington DC), we send a powerful message of solidarity and provide a platform for his vital message.

The Enemies of the State DC Bash is a crucial event that honors the extraordinary courage and sacrifice of individuals like Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Ian Freeman, Ross Ulbricht, and Roger Ver, who have been ruthlessly targeted by the state for their activism. Roger’s arrest and tax fraud allegations serve the interests of two powerful groups: the companies who lobbied to keep Bitcoin slow and expensive, profiting from selling second-layer solutions, and the US government, which seeks to eliminate peer-to-peer digital cash for everyone, paving the way for a completely controlled Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). To properly honor Roger and embody the spirit of Bitcoin Jesus, we will bestow the gift of peer-to-peer digital cash (BCH) upon each attendee. Every participant will receive $1.00 worth of BCH in a wallet at the event. We will also sponsor a premium table and ensure the distribution of as many copies of Hijacking Bitcoin as possible (we have secured 200 copies from Steve Patterson, the book’s co-author). Funds raised through Flipstarter (a BCH project that Roger has passionately supported) will cover the distribution of BCH to conference attendees, sponsor the table, and contribute to the event’s costs, including the room, entertainment, and refreshments. This event, held in the same venue as the 2024 Libertarian National Convention, is expected to draw a large crowd, with the capacity to accommodate 700 people. I urge you to join me in contributing to this campaign and demonstrating our unwavering solidarity with these heroes in the battle against state tyranny. Let us honor Roger by sharing the power of peer-to-peer digital cash with all attendees. To learn more about this groundbreaking event, please visit

Fundraising Goal of at least: $4000.00 USD

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Thank you for your support. We have hit the minimum fundraising milestone of $2000. This money will allow us to distribute Bitcoin Cash to the conference attendees and offer copies of Hijacking Bitcoin for only $10. We are seeking up to $4000 (total) with the additional proceeds being used to add a volunteer for the event and hire a videographer so that we can make sure that the message from the event reaches a much larger audience than just the 700 attendees in DC. There will be many from the press there, and we want to make sure that Roger’s story is heard around the world.

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